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King Donuts Takes a Much-Needed Break and Unveils Plans for the Future

At the core of King Donuts is Travis and Hong Chhuor and their mother, Kim Sok. Travis is the resident donut maker. Every single one of the raised donuts, cake donuts, and apple fritters has passed through his hands. Hong has a day job, but he works at the shop and takes care of the family’s bookkeeping on evenings and weekends. They usually employ a fourth person as a counter cashier, but the mainstays have always been the Chhuor brothers and the indefatigable Kim.



King Donut is Back and Better Than Ever

“Like so many great things in life it was a little bit of a happy accident and coincidence of timing,” says Hong Chhuor of his family’s acquisition of King Donuts late in 2017. Hong’s brother Travis is the family’s resident doughnut-maker. The recipes are all their own, and can go toe-to-toe with any other competitors in Seattle. The selection is wide, from chocolate- and sprinkle-coated to glazed or cinnamon sugar-coated rounds to cream-filled maple bars to doughnut holes, but has a definite focus on wonderfully puffy yeasted or raised varieties 



King Donuts

King Donuts has been a one stop shop for Rainier Beach since 2003. Founders Chea Pol and Heng Hay first created their mash-up of breakfast-meets-lunch-meets-chores to fill gaps in the neighborhood. And when Hong Chhuor and his family took up the reigns at King Donuts 14 years later, he promised to keep meeting those practical community needs.

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